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About Us

Candice Reese is the sole owner and founder.  Chic Link is excited for all kings and queens to step out in confidence knowing they will stay connected. We also encourage you to share your bracelet and link with other queens who need to stay charged. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors and lengths.

Mission: To prepare everyone one to stay in charge while including fashion.

Vision: To change the way accessories are viewed and used to ignite collaboration.

I’m ready to take charge

"I love the design, the color looks great and I can wear it with my work and cute clothes."

Catherine Patterson

"It's so simple, I wear it everyday and people always compliment my Chic Link."

Linda Reese

"Utilizo el mío en el automóvil en mi camino al trabajo, y lo enchufo en mi computadora también. Carga mi teléfono rápido."

Maria Mata


Wanna show off your Chic Link, follow daily positivity and girls who rock? We would love to connect with you, girl! Use #ChicLink and follow or tag us on Instagram @lachiclink and we will feature you on our product page!